Did you know the ‘97-’98 Chicago Bulls team did yoga? That team included a Michael and Scottie combo going for title No. 6 and peak Dennis Rodman (the hair, dating Madonna, getting married to himself).

It’s a hilarious but instructive image: If those guys can get health or performance benefits out of doing yoga, then the rest of us probably can, too.

In fact, Paula Kout, who taught the Bulls yoga in her Evanston studio, told Yoga Journal that many of us underestimate the strain we put on our feet and ankles.

“The ankle is not a big joint, but it’s so pivotal,” Kout said.

There are several benefits to keeping that ankle joint, and the rest of our lower extremities, loose and exercised with regular yoga practice. Yoga’s foot and ankle benefits include:

  • Reducing ankle sprains, the most common sports injury
  • Increasing the sense of joint position and balance
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Losing weight; after all, your feet bear every pound you carry

Those benefits all add up to improved mobility, greater levels of comfort and the reduced likelihood of injury. These three points only take on more importance as we get older, so that’s why getting into a habit of doing yoga regularly could be a huge overall boost to your health.

Below are 20 yoga exercise videos to get you started. If you already practice yoga, then use these videos as a chance to put a particular emphasis on a part of the body that often gets overlooked.

And if you’re new to yoga, try one or two videos to get comfortable with it. If you have a local instructor available, reach out to see how you can incorporate yoga practice into your existing health routine.



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lead image by: Brittney Bush Bollay / Flickr


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