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Winter is officially here, which means it is time to dust off your skis, your snowboards and your ice skates.

There is something about the snow and the ice sports that brings people together: The sports liven spirits when the days get short, cold and grey. The snowboarders get a lot of the credit for being some of the liveliest and most fun athletes, but luge and ice skating draw their fair shares of outgoing, infectious personalities.

Those infectious personalities are what we want to share today. Below are 51 winter sports athletes on Twitter whose personalities shine through, whether it’s in their photography, their banter among one another, or their dedication to charities and other such organizations.

We have a varied collection of sports represented, from the freestyle skiers to the figure skaters to even a member of the US curling team. Follow any of the athletes below if you want to get inspired for the winter sports season.

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