31 Awesome Physical Therapists in New York City

Physical therapist in New York

With an abundance of renowned physical therapy programs at universities such as Columbia and NYU, and with its status as one of the planet’s premier cities, New York City has many great physical therapists across the five boroughs.

We tried to narrow that list down to just a double-digit number, which was no easy task. Below are 31 physical therapists in New York City we feel deserve a little recognition, each of whom represents a different clinic or healthcare facility, though we should note that this list is certainly not exhaustive. For easy browsing, too, we broke our list down by borough.



Dr. Shmuel Tatz at Body Turning & Physical Therapy
Dr. Tatz was profiled in the New York Times a decade ago as one of the city’s superstars in the then-growing field of physical therapy. His patients include Lou Reed and Andrew Lloyd Webber. As a testament to his effectiveness, his patients tend to describe him as a “healer” and someone “with a gift” as much as they refer to him as a doctor. Dr. Tatz is a world-class physical therapist.

Karena Wu at ActiveCare Physical Therapy
Wu has practiced physical therapy in the city for 15 years, having undergone advanced training in manual therapies, strength and conditioning, Kinesio tape therapy, and Pilates. Her approach to therapy is holistic, and she reaches out to everyone from chiropractors to acupuncturists to help treat her patients when necessary.

Dr. Joe Simon at Manhattan Physical Therapy & Pain Center
Dr. Simon, owner of Manhattan Physical Therapy and a practitioner in the city for more than a decade, has developed a treatment philosophy that combines PT with overall fitness. Said one Yelp reviewer: “[T]he exercises were not like anything that my previous PT had put me on. No dumbbells; it was more like pilates with target on specific muscles, the muscles that were weak. It wasn’t easy. It was brutal, but hey, it worked.”

Luke Bongiorno at NY Sports Med
The clinic’s director of physical therapy, Bongiorno’s skills in manual therapy are not only in demand among patients but other learning practitioners worldwide. In addition to teaching courses around the globe, Bongiorno helps professional athletes in American leagues as well as those on Italian soccer teams.

Dr. Liz Parrillo at Kima Wellness
Beyond earning her doctorate (she graduated top of her class), Dr. Parrillo has certifications in manual therapy and orthotic fittings. Her professional interests also extend into gait analysis and movement dysfunction, as Dr. Parrillo is herself a runner and helps athletes alleviate pain.

Gurbans Kaur at F Squared PT & BASE Physical Therapy
Kaur’s clinical training extends around the globe, as she has worked in the US, Canada and Australia. Beyond her physical therapy expertise, she is also a strength and conditioning specialist, and she teaches at Touro College.

Dr. Matt Rome at Equilibrium Physical Therapy
Dr. Rome is a Duke graduate and the owner of Equilibrium PT. Said one Yelp reviewer: “Matt Rome is one of the smartest people I know. His knowledge exceeds most doctors I’ve been to, and he’s also willing to take the time to explain my shoulder injury in a way that I could never get from a doctor. This information helps me understand why I’m doing my exercises, which makes it easier to get into a routine and speed up my recovery.”

Dr. Krista Fay at Evolution Physical Therapy
Dr. Fay, a graduate of the New York Medical College’s doctoral program, is the co-owner of Evolution. As a practitioner, she emphasizes one-on-one treatments that include manual therapy in addition to exercise and proper nutrition.

JoAnn Yanami at City Physical Therapy
Yanami is a certified practitioner of the Graston Technique and a 10-year veteran in practicing physical therapy. Her training has included trigger point therapy, Kinesio taping and Mulligan concepts.

Dr. Claire Storck at Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy
Dr. Storck, an avid outdoor sports fan, earned her DPT in 2001, and she continues her education to this day, having studied things such as gait analysis, clinical instruction and the mechanics of lower-extremity responses to weight bearing.

Dr. Dan Rootenberg at SPEAR Physical Therapy
Dr. Rootenberg is a former professional baseball player turned physical therapist. He is a co-founder of SPEAR Physical Therapy, a company that three times has made Inc.com’s list of the 5000 biggest job creators in the country.



31 Awesome Physical Therapists in New York City

Anna Fyodorova at Pain Physicians NYC
Fyodorova’s experience with treating patients extends to helping those who have suffered strokes and cardiac problems as well as those who need orthopedic therapy. Her specializations include joint replacement rehab, stroke rehab, fibromyalgia treatments, and cardiac rehab and conditioning.

Dr. Daniel Ray Sindo at Sindo Manual Physical Therapy
Dr. Sindo attributes his patients’ trust in him to the fact that he is always straightforward with them. “I will tell them exactly what my findings are and if I have the ability to help them. Furthermore, they know that I always try my best in evaluating and treating their dysfunction.”

Erin Weber at PhysioLogic
Weber, a University of Rhode Island graduate, is a state-licensed physical therapist with more than a half decade’s experience in an outpatient facility. Weber is also a licensed Pilates instructor.

Dr. Carlos Loyola at Loyola Physical Therapy
After a career in the military, Dr. Loyola earned his DPT from Touro College and set up a small practice in Williamsburg. Said one Yelp reviewer: Carlos Loyola is the consummate professional. Like many PTs, he knows his stuff; however, what separates Carlos from other health practitioners is that he cares deeply about be people he works with. When Carlos is working with you feel that you are the only person that matters and this contributes significantly to the healing process.”

Francis Reyes at Optimum Healthy Physical Therapy
Reyes is a state-certified PT who has been practicing for 17 years. His specialties are numerous, and they include sports rehabilitation, manual therapy and headache relief.

Svetlana Lazarev at Park Sports Physical Therapy
Lazarev is a certified physical therapist, orthopedic specialist and yoga teacher. She incorporates all of these areas of expertise into her treatments, which often include yoga and Pilates.

Dr. Melvin Colon at Brooklyn Body Works
Dr. Colon earned his DPT from Long Island University in 2012, and he says his approach requires thinking of each patient’s whole body in the context of treatment rather than just a sum total of their injuries.



Dr. Jeff Yellin at Professional Physical Therapy
A 2006 Stony Brook graduate, Dr. Yellin began his career at Professional PT in their Bayside/Whitestone clinic as a student in 2006, and then moved to their Garden City clinic in 2008. In 2012, he was made Clinical Director at their Melville clinic and is now the Regional Clinical Director for Queens and Long Island. Dr. Yellin himself has played baseball and had to rehab a shoulder injury, so he brings a refreshing perspective and empathy when he works with patients.

Frank McCoy at Advanced S.P.O.R.T.S.
Owner Frank McCoy is a Northeastern University grad and now has two decades of experience practicing physical therapy in his home neighborhoods.

Fabricio Rodrigues at Forest Hills Rehabilitation
Rodrigues, a native of Brazil, has nearly a decade of experience as a physical therapist, having spent seven of those years practicing in the NYC area. His specializations include manual therapy as well as functional training for treating orthopedic injuries.

Racquel Abitona at Integrated Spine & Pain Center
Abitona is a licensed PT whose specializations and areas of expertise include soft/joint mobilization, strapping and taping, and myofascial release.


The Bronx

Dr. Sanhua Leng at WSPT
Dr. Sanhua Leng’s background is diverse, including degrees in traditional Chinese medicine as well as cellular, molecular and animal research. This is all part of what he describes as his lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Cecilia Agao at Parkchester Medical
Parkchester Medical’s staff physical therapist, Cecilia Agao, is a board-certified practitioner with more than two decades of experience in PT. Her specialities include musculoskeletal and orthopedic treatments, treating sports injuries, and manual therapy and myofascial techniques.

Dr. Mamdouh Eldeeb at Universal Physical Therapy
Dr. Eldeeb has more than 25 years of experience as a physical therapist, having earned his clinical doctorate New York Institute of Technology, Long Island. His practice specializes in orthopedic, neurologic and general physical therapy.

Dr. Edward J. Blum at Bronx Physical Therapy
Dr. Blum, owner of Bronx Physical Therapy, has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and he earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011.


Staten Island

Gerald Mondares at South Shore Wellness Center
Mondares is an 18-year physical therapy professional who studied in The Philippines. He is certified in strength and conditioning as well as post-op rehabilitation. Mondares’ specialties include orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Alexander Yegorov at Professional Care Physical Therapy
Yegorov is best known as a rehabilitation specialist for athletes and construction works dealing with injuries, pre- or post-operative conditions or age-related issues. Next year, Professional Care will celebrate 10 years treating patients in and around Staten Island.

Dr. Toa Chris Wong at Acuphysio
Dr. Wong earned his doctorate in physical therapy from New York University in 2007, but prior to that he had studied acupuncture in Hong Kong and mainland China, and he received his diploma from the American International Acupuncture Institute in 2000.

Dr. Armin M. Tehrany at Manhattan Orthopedic Care
As the name suggests, Manhattan Orthopedic Care has offices in Manhattan, but it also has a clinic in Staten Island that bears recognition. Dr. Tehrany specializes in minimally invasive procedures to treat knees, shoulders, rotator cuffs, menisci and knee ligaments. He is currently also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan.

Jason LaMendola at T.L.C. Physical Therapy
LaMendola has more than 10 years of professional experience as a practicing physical therapist, and his practice is widely regarded among patients. In fact, it has recently expanded. Said one in a review from May of this year: “Jason and his entire staff are fantastic. From his front desk staff to his PT assistants they are all very personable and professional. His NJ office is brand new and a great place to go for physical therapy. I go 2-3 times per week. Jason is very knowledgeable and takes the time to personally work on me each time I visit.”

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