40 Great Health and Wellness Facebook Pages To Follow

We all get fed up with the stuff that clutters our Facebook feeds — unsolicited political commentary, pictures of coworkers’ lunches, etc. The beauty of Facebook is you can tell it you don’t want to see this stuff in your news feed, then fill up your news feed with stuff that is actually important to you.
To get that process started, we’re suggesting 40 health and wellness Facebook pages we think are worth a follow. These break down cleanly into general health, nutrition, fitness and the larger category of wellness — which encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual health, too.
Like the pages that are relevant for you, and soon your news feed will be full of updates that you actually care about.


General Health

Daily Health Tips

This is the Facebook feed for the largest health Q&A site online, HealthcareMagic.com, where users can ask questions specifically to doctors and healthcare professionals. In addition to those posts, the Facebook feed constantly features useful health advice.


James Hamblin

Here is some of the best advice we know: If you want to learn more about a topic, follow the reporters who cover it. James Hamblin is a health and science writer for The Atlantic, and his official Facebook page is a great informational resource. Just don’t make any Doogie Howser jokes. He hates those.


New York Times Well

The Grey Lady’s health and wellness blog is absolutely worth a read, so just grab the Facebook feed here and make it a part of your daily routine.


Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a family-focused page that covers everything from nutrition to how to make your own hair detangling sprays with natural products.


Everyday Health

The original Everyday Health website is now 12 years old, and now their platforms include this Facebook page and Everyday Health TV. This is one of the biggest and most knowledgeable health communities on the web.


The Rebooted Body

The Rebooted Body teaches a comprehensive program that starts with helping people unlearn bad habits. From there, dietary and fitness goals are much more easily reached. The program’s Facebook page has nice daily tips and ideas for people working toward healthier lifestyles.


Aligned and Well

Katy Bowman is a biomechanist who uses real evidence to explain movement, exercise, biomechanics and human development in a manner that is easy to comprehend. As a bonus, she’s also a funny writer.



Greatist celebrates healthy living, however you choose to define that. Greatist has found wild success in the last few years largely due to a pretty simple formula: Writing some of the best health information and advice pieces on the internet.


The Bulletproof Executive

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey began experimenting with ways to get more energy, to get more focus and to simply get more work done (so he could have more time to himself). What he found led him to creating a famous coffee recipe and other products designed to make people perform better.


Harvard Health Publications

Health tips and medical advice from some of the world’s most trusted sources. Harvard Health Publications is a good page to follow because the authors here have no ulterior motives — no supplements or books to sell, no training sessions to get you to sign up for. It’s just health advice for its own sake.


Nutrition and Diet

Candice Kumai

Candice Kumai is a former model who studied at Le Cordon Bleu and then became a health journalist. She writes for Shape Magazine and Men’s Fitness, and you will find her on Iron Chef, as well.


100 Days of Real Food

Lisa Leake’s page doesn’t need our help with promotion (nearly 1.5 million Likes and counting), but her family of four’s journey to better eating is a compelling story, and her Facebook page regularly contains useful advice for anyone trying to eat smarter.


The Earth Diet

Liana Werner-Gray’s page is classified as holistic or alternative health, but don’t let that fool you. Her message is simple: Eat real food. And her page is designed to help readers do just that, with regular recipes and pieces of advice to stay motivated when you’re craving junk food.



This page takes the message above from The Earth Diet to another level, by advocating the consumption of food that grows wild in nature. Foraging might sound a little extreme within a modern context, but it’s also the reason Noma restaurant in Denmark is widely regarded as the best in the world.


This Mama Cooks!

Here is a good place to grab family-friendly recipes that are both healthy and delicious. As many of us have found out, sticking to a nutritious diet can be inconvenient when we are super busy. Following This Mama Cooks! is a great way to overcome that hurdle.


Kris Health Blog

The Kris Kris blog, which promoted evidence-based nutrition, isn’t active anymore, but the Facebook feed still is. Here, you will find nutritional advice in the same vein — rooted in actual evidence.


Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition is a coaching service — with a network of counselors, doctors, exercise specialists, naturopaths, and nutritionists — that shares some of the most intelligent nutrition advice you can find anywhere.


Paleo Girl

Paleo Girl is actually aimed at teen girls and discusses things beyond nutrition; it discusses health, fitness and lifestyle, as well. Still, paleo eating is a foundational aspect of the book and the Facebook page.


Not So Fast Food

This is the public page of chef Bob Montgomery, who operates the Not So Fast! Food Truck in San Diego. His focus is cooking up meals that consist of real food and are paleo-friendly. It’s always nice to get recipes straight from a chef.


Thug Kitchen

If you are averse to coarse language, we recommend you stay away from Thug Kitchen. (If you embrace coarse language, you’ll love it.) TK’s feed will inspire you to begin / verbally abuse you into eating better and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.



Girls Gone Strong

Molly Galbraith, Neghar Fonooni and Alli McKee are the three women behind Girls Gone Strong, a site that inspires women to train for strength to get fit. There are loads of great tips and insights on this Facebook page.


Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb has inspired literally thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t pick up a set of weights to start training. Come for the X-Men references, stay for the fitness advice and the inspiring before/after stories.


Thrive as the Fittest

Trainer Jen Sinkler has been providing motivation, tips and humor for anyone trying to get fitter and stronger for fours on Facebook. Her page will get you going on those days when you might not feel like hitting the gym, or it will give you a good laugh right when you need one.


Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto has been in the fitness industry for 25 years, and his Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle book has helped thousands of people worldwide adopt a fitness regime and healthier lifestyle. Follow his page for solid inspiration.


Fun and Fit

Kymberly and Alexandra at Fun and Fit are working to address what could potentially become a public health issue: Boomer fitness. The two share their thoughts, strategies and experiences with aging heathily.


Kinobody Fitness

If your fitness goals include getting action-hero ripped, Kinobody Fitness is your starting point. You will find plenty of information here from other bodybuilders on getting absolutely shredded.


Melissa Bender Fitness

Athlete and trainer Melissa Bender has one of the most popular fitness sites on the internet. Follow her page to get her own fitness tips, exercises, diet plans and yoga tutorials.


Bloom to Fit

Srdjan, the author of Bloom to Fit, found out during college that his routine of intense studying by day and kettlebell workouts by night was actually doing more harm than good. So, he set out to develop a system that would give him a sustainably healthy body for life — even when he is 3D modelling at his desk during work hours. He shares his tips here.


Brett Hoebel

Brett Hoebel is a trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but he still posts insights, tips and inspiration on his Facebook page a couple of times per week. Follow this page for quality authoritative information.


IDEA Health & Fitness Association

IDEA is a huge organization for fitness professionals, and the association’s Facebook page regularly posts great articles that have been vetted by experts.


General Wellness


Lumosity is hugely popular. Lumos Labs creates brain exercises that promote overall mental health and performance. Follow this page to keep your mind sharp.


Manifest Yourself

Kimberly Brown’s Manifest Yourself blog is all about helping people become the best versions of themselves. Her interests are manifold: Health, mindfulness, lifestyle, eating well and simply having fun.


Tiny Buddha

A Twitter classic, Tiny Buddha’s Facebook page features the same daily dose of simple wisdom that can benefit us all. Follow this feed, and take a moment to appreciate the calm that follows its insights.


Om Gal

Boston yoga instructor Rebecca Pacheco runs the Om Gal blog, and her Facebook feed is pretty much guaranteed to inspire readers to pursue healthier, fuller lives.



One more yoga page: Alignyo is a community that celebrates the art and discipline that is yoga. Daily news, inspiration and tips are posted here that will benefit everyone from a newbie to a season yogi.


Liz Nead

Liz Nead is a writer, speaker and TV host who embraces the richness of life. On her various platforms, such as her Facebook page, she shares nutrition tips, money management information, relationship advice and inspiration to push everyone to lead the lives they want.


Mental Health America

MHA is the oldest advocacy organization for the full spectrum of mental health issues. Its work focuses on prevention, intervening before problems get worse, and treatment of mental health issues. Follow along to understand how important mental health is to a person’s overall level of wellness.



At the risk of stoking any hypochondria, we think the Sickweather app is useful to visualize what illnesses are going around in your area, and its Facebook page is good about providing news and context for various outbreaks of illnesses.


Daily Inspiration and Motivation

It may sound as if we’re focusing undue attention on inspiration, but anyone who has trained for a half marathon or worked to flatten a flabby stomach knows that a little motivation can be the push necessary to achieve their goals. With that said, we recommend everyone follow the Daily Inspiration and Motivation Facebook page, especially if you could use a little push yourself.



Spark People’s tagline sums it up nicely: “Eat better. Look better. Feel better.” That’s the whole point of wellness right there, and it is the focus on what the company publishes. Follow its Facebook page for daily nutritional information, fitness articles, support and great health resources.



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