51 Exciting Fitness Tracker and Wearable Companies on Twitter You Should Follow

Fitness Tracker and Wearable


Tech companies are exploring new and seemingly limitless worlds right now, especially within the realm of fitness trackers and wearables.

Those fitness trackers that were so popular the last few Christmases? That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Now, we are looking at smart socks to help you run and a hydration tracker to make sure you drink enough. There is a shoe clip called Dorothy by iStategy Labs that lets you click your heels together three times to make a call.

On top of this technology exist myriad smartphone apps with healthy lifestyle systems as well as fitness trackers that give athletes real-time data.

Here are 51 cutting-edge companies worth following on Twitter to give you an idea of all the aspects of life (our lives, our babies’ lives, our pets lives’) we will soon be tracking, measuring and optimizing.