Athletes Who Will Get You Motivated: 60 Twitter Runners

Running Motivation


Our less-than-scientific research indicates that about 98% of the world’s population dislikes running. It requires constant motivation to get going, and when it’s done you’re left feeling as wobbly as a baby deer on a trampoline. Ninety-eight percent of the world dislikes that feeling.

There is a small percentage of people out there, though, who do. We call them runners.

Below are 60 such athletes, and among them are Olympians, trail runners and marathon runners. If you are a motivated, intense runner, you will find many kindred spirits on this list.

That said, this post is actually intended for the rest of humanity, those of us who need a little external motivation before lacing up our running shoes and heading out to a track or a trail. The 60 twitter runners below set a great example by making running fun and allowing their personalities to shine through. They inspire us by sharing photos, stories and insight every day.

That’s the kind of stuff that will get the rest of us running.