Just Run! 25 Running Blogs to Get You Motivated

We realize it’s a little ironic that we would be telling you to go run while also linking you to hours of reading. But everyone needs a little push from time to time.

Here are 25 running blogs that will help you get motivated, run faster, train smarter and avoid injuries. The topics run the gamut from personal stories of overcoming difficulties to gear reviews.

If you run at all — or are thinking about maybe possibly soon picking up the habit — you will find something here that resonates with you and gets you moving.

Anatomy professor and runner Peter Larson started writing about science years ago, but he found that his scientific posts on writing got the most attention. He started Runblogger in 2009 and has since become one of the leading writers in this sphere on the mechanics of running, and one of the most respected reviewers of running shoes.

The Science of Sport
Here are a couple more bloggers with Ph.Ds: Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas seek to make sports science understandable and applicable to activities we do in our everyday lives. This includes going in-depth into controversies. Check out their May 15 post on the Vibram Five Fingers settlement.

A Change of Pace
Theresa, a nurse and grandmother, first tried running in 2011 and quickly began to geek out about the sport, nutrition and healthy living. She is now a certified running coach in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and her blog is full of enthusiasm and inspiration.

Mile Posts
Dorothy Beal has said the primary reason she keeps blogging is because readers regularly write in to say she has changed their lives. Beal was an overweight smoker who, with the help of friends and family, began training for a marathon in 2003. A decade later, she was the cover model for Women’s Running magazine. She also has some sweet shirts for sale.

Coach Johnson is the director of the Boulder Running Camps in Colorado who loves “helping people realize their genetic potential as a runner.” His posts will help you train better and run faster.


Neon Is My Color
Theresa, a former meteorologist, reports that she was told, upon approaching 40, that weight gain was inevitable and to just accept it. She did otherwise, doubling down on a healthy lifestyle and running regiment. “I’m in the best shape of my life and I weigh less than I did in high school,” she writes.

Hungry Runner Girl
Blogger Janae Jacobs has been running since she was 12, but it’s only been in recent years that she has taken up doing it competitively. Jacobs’ gift is that she connects with her readers so well. Check out this recent post on whether toughing out the hard parts in her own life was worth the struggle.

Brandon Wood is a podcaster and blogger who became a triathlete by way of an earlier career in music. Follow his blog if your interests lean toward endurance sports in general. He also has a nice archive of gear reviews.

Run Bulldog Run
Steve Spiers is a lifetime athlete who, at age 47, has been running for some time now. Check out his blog for the nuts and bolts details of training, plus nuanced and authoritative gear reviews.

Runs For Cookies
Blogger Katie Foster adopted a healthy lifestyle and cut her weight in half (from 253 to 128 pounds!) in 16 months. Ironically, what led her to running was the epiphany that the more she exercised, the more she could eat.

Strength Running
Jason Fitzgerald started the Strength Running blog in 2010 in the wake of an injury that sidelined him from running for a half year. A new approach to training emerged, and he has run injury-free since 2009. More than 14,000 readers follow his blog for tips on running faster and easier.

The Science of Running
This is the personal blog of University of Houston cross-country coach Steve Magness. Here, he shares his knowledge and experience in training professional runners. Check out one of the pillar posts on his blog, “The Psychology of Mental Toughness,” to see how Magness’ writing can push your own running to another level.

Jeff Galloway’s blog
US Olympian, author and Runner’s World columnist Jeff Galloway shares some of his thoughts and motivational ideas on a simple Typepad blog. Here is a great example post: “If You Don’t Give Up … You Win!”


Mud, Sweat & Tears
For those of you interested in off-road running, Matt Ward’s blog is a great resources for gear reviews and sport news. A real passion for running informs and drives everything here, so this blog is definitely recommended for veteran runners.

Sweat Once a Day
Good advice also makes for a good blog name. Blogger Sweaty Emily is an accomplished runner (20-plus marathons so far) and internetoversharer, which makes for some good reading.

No Meat Athlete
Matt Frazier (and his 20,000-plus readers) are advocates of a plant-based diet to power runners and other athletes. The No Meat Athlete blog is designed to give you the tools and information necessary to make this change (if you want, no preaching here).

Runner Unleashed
Gelcys at Runner Unleashed has an incredibly inspiring story: After a scoliosis diagnosis at age 14 and a car accident shortly thereafter, doctors told her she would never be able to run again. Fast forward a few years, and she met (and married) a former Army running team squad leader who coached her, little by little, to the point where she could run long distances. Today, despite chronic pain, Gelcys is a marathon runner.

DC Rainmaker
Ray at DC Rainmaker is a triathlete and gadgets guy. His blog is a great resource for anyone who is also into gear or incorporating it into their training. Look for well-researched reviews and tips on using your hardware.

Duncan Larkin is a published author and running coach who takes a simple approach to running and staying healthy. It shows in his blog, which is a minimalist white Tumblr site that is packed with insight and inspiration.


This blog is all about injury prevention. It’s easy to get lost in the personal stories of distance runners and tech reviews, but injury prevention is also a key component in running. Tom, the blogger at RunningPhysio, is a physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Girl Runs Wild
How many other running blogs preface a post with a quote from Flaubert? “For me,” the blog’s author writes, “the beauty of running lies in the simplicity of the act itself: put one foot in front of the other, quickly and repeatedly, and continue to do so as fast as you dare and as long as you desire.” Follow this one for the clever writing as much as the inspiration.

Jason Saltmarsh is a lifelong running and contributor to a number of other sites, including the Huffington Post. This recent post on runners with poor oral hygiene is both enlightening and entertaining.

Running Technique Tips
Brian Martin created this unambiguously named blog in 2011 after becoming frustrated at the lack of such clear information online. In addition to technique, his posts cover tips on training, the training mindset and gear reviews.

Shut Up + Run
The Shut Up + Run blog is undistilled personality and inspiration from a woman who took up running just five years ago and went straight for marathon distances. “I just set my mind to it, trained and crossed the finish line,” she writes.

Lazy Girl Running
Here is blogger Laura Fountain’s take on first trying running at 30: “Running was HARD. Everything hurt. Everything felt wrong. I managed just two minutes of running before I had to stop.” She has since written a book on running and trimmed her marathon time down to 3:38.

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