They’re Changing the World! Catching Up With 11 Yoga Experts on Twitter

A year ago, we created a list of 50 yoga experts on Twitter that people really enjoyed, so we decided that it was about time to catch up with some of those experts and see what they were up to.

What we’ve found is that, without exception, each is in the business of making the world a better place, one person and one community at a time. Take time to discover what they have to offer; whether it’s online yoga classes or kirtan music, entrepreneurial help or life coaching, you’re certain to benefit from following at least a few of these yogis, their schools, programs and causes.


Ekhart Yoga, @EkhartYoga

Teacher Esther Ekhart, co-founder of Ekhart Yoga, an online source of yoga and meditation classes, specializes in Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga styles. The site offers videos for yogis of all levels and styles.

“Throughout my life, practicing yoga taught me to relax, how to find a way out of worries and stress,” Esther says. “Yoga showed me the joys of being fit and strong. Yoga taught me to self-reflect and to accept life as it comes.”


Celest Pereira, @Cityogi

This London-based yoga teacher gets people moving with her weekly YouTube tutorials and full-length classes, videos of which you can download for free, like this sample:


Jill Wheeler, @Wellfitjill

Founder of the Wellfit Institute, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Jill Wheeler wears many other hats, as well. A life coach, professional counselor, speaker and filmmaker, she specializes in creating transformational experiences for individuals and groups alike.


Gary Chattem, @ADevotedYogi

With a goal of sharing the many benefits of yoga, Gary Chattem is also a brand ambassador. The devoted yogi offers social media services, including reviews of products and services.


Shiva Rea, @ShivaRea

Founder of Samudra Online, a global school for Living Yoga and Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Shiva Rea calls herself a “leading innovator in the evolution of Prana Flow yoga.”


Roseanne Harvey, @itsallyoga_baby

This yoga rabble rouser has a mission to spark open-minded and intelligent conversation about the practice and culture of yoga. Roseanne also teaches private classes, specializing in what she calls “yoga on the margins,” or yoga for those not comfortable in group settings.


Brooke Roberts, @thenewdorothy

Entrepreneur, writer, yoga lover and founder of Yoga Travel Tree, the go-to site for yogis seeking meaningful yoga adventures, this sassy girl from Kansas will also help you launch your own business. As she states on her LinkedIn profile, Brooke Roberts is “dedicated to international education, personal growth and development, and female entrepreneurship.”


Anne Adametz, @AnneAdametz

Yoga instructor and acupuncturist Anne Adametz has traveled the world, studying and refining for “physical and emotional pain relief, self-awareness, and self-care.” Founder of Adametz Organic Health Care, she is a graduate of both the Midwest Oriental Medicine College and Temple Kriya Yoga in Chicago.

Travis Eliot, @TravisEliot

Creator of The Ultimate Yogi series, Travis Eliot is a musician, too, as well as just a funny guy who tweets things like “There’s no place like OM.” His latest project, a new CD called The Meaning of Soul, shows yet another side to the yoga instructor and kirtan singer.

“The intention behind this project has been to take the power of Sanskrit mantra and put it into a ‘stadium rock n roll’ format because for me,” Travis says. “They are both larger than life!!”


Kripalu, @KripaluCenter

A nonprofit educational organization, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a school and retreat. Its mission is to transform people through the practice of yoga. There are online programs, or you can study or attend an R&R retreat at the 150-acre campus in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The Healthy Living programs focus on whole-person health, from fitness and weight loss to spiritual practice and personal growth.


Kathryn Budig, @kathrynbudig

Why not try a Vinyasa Flow preview session with Kathryn Budig at YogaGlo? It’s probably the best place to catch this busy Aim True founder, who is also a Yoga Journal writer, Women’s Health magazine contributor and author of The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga.

If that’s not enough, Kathryn’s second book, Aim True, is scheduled for release in early 2016, and her Poses for Paws nonprofit is going from strength to strength, supporting a different animal shelter or organization each year.